About Graça Brites

Living a life is something so rare and precious that until today I do not realize why I was chosen to live one. For that reason I am always looking around trying to find out the answers to this personal enigma. I believe clues are in the most diverse landscapes, things, people, places, or even inside the thick barks where it is often hidden the secret beauty of the humble things. I just have to look at them with deep eyes and try to translate for my own language what, at times, seems utterly untranslatable.

As until today I could not attend any photography classes, I have signed an agreement with a Nikon D40 (plain lens 18-55 mm) and with a compact Olympus FE-3010. The main cooperation consists on following: I use my feelings and my intuition and they both do the rest. The contract also requires the collaboration of the Microsoft Picture Manager, Picasa 3 and Paint Shop Pro 9. They are call for contribution when I want to make reality more similar to what I'd like it would be.

I am very glad to share, here on Aminus3, some pathways I've been walking by with my eyes on fingertips. Thanks to all, who are standing here taking time reading these words or looking at my images. Please, feel free to give your opinion or suggestions you consider are relevant.


gracabrites [AT] gmail [DOT] com